Follow your nose – the complete version

No College today and the weather is crisp and dry so this morning my husband and I took a trip out in the car.  Our destination was Trim, Co Meath.  We decided not to take the M50 but to go the old route as much as possible and found ourselves on the way to Slane.  We did not bring the sat nav nor did I bring my reading glasses to read the maps that we had in the car.   Along this road we saw a sign for TARA and took that turn.

Wow were we glad that we went there.  Have been meaning to go for years, you know how it is.  The view from the largest hill was spectacular.  The visitor centre was closed but there is still a great amount of information at the entrance to the site. 

It is an amazing site with the ring forts and monuments etc.  We walked all around the site, feet got a bit wet and you had to dodge the sheep droppings, but It was worth it.

Had a coffee and a cake afterwards and headed back.  Decided not to go toll routes again, and took the back roads back home.  Went through some out of the way places, lots of countryside and ended up in Maynooth, (that has grown since I was last there nearly 20 years ago). Got home before the rush hour traffic.  A nice day out even if we  did end up in the wrong place.  Trim will have to wait for another day trip.

Yesterday in class we were talking about getting in your car and not knowing where you will end up.  Little did we know this morning that our trip to TRIM would end up  at the hill of TARA.  It just goes to show that its okay to follow your nose once in a while and leave technology at home.

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