Just Jump In

Week Four and all is well.  Nothing has gone seriously wrong yet, apart from my  home computer froze and crashed earlier.  I stayed calm and rectified it by switching it off, leaving it for a while to cool down and reboot.  I think I may need to do this with myself.  Do we have a restart button?

We are all now one week away from handing in our first assignment.  Preparation and research is done, now to put it all together in a format that is requested by our lecturer but is also required for marks.  Yesterday we had a tutorial on Moodle and Turn it In.  This all seems very logical and is an easy system to navigate.  So,  why am I feeling like I am about to take my Leaving Cert all over again.

Just jump in as our lecturer said today.  This was in relation to Twitter and blogging for some people, but it can also be said about our first assignment.  The fear of the unknown, am I doing it correctly, will I lose it in the submission etc.  I hope that by this time next week, we can all relax and perhaps say one assignment down, now bring on the rest.

3 thoughts on “Just Jump In”

  1. Great start – swimming already. I’m looking forward to reading more – and, if you are worried about assignments, just talk to one of us!


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