Dollymount Strand, Dublin

I found this draft from last March (2015). I never got to post it.

Thought I should share it if only a year later and on the last day of March.

It was a bright sunny Sunday morning and we rose fresh and ready for the day. The wind had died down a good bit, so we set off for our Sunday stroll after breakfast.  Some time ago we were down by the PoolBeg lighthouse enjoying a brisk fresh walk along the half-moon walk.  I took some photo’s of Dublin Bay and its surrounding coastline on that day and we could see across the bay to Dollymount Strand. We promised ourselves that day to go for a walk on that beach some day soon.poolbeg poolbeg 2So now we were here (there in the distance in the photos above).

We drove through the city centre out by Fairview and Clontarf along the seafront.  As we turned right to go across the wooden bridge, I was reminded of the many times I went to Dollymount Strand as a kid with my family on the bus and sometimes by car.  The excitement of it all came flooding back.  When we had the estate car, we would make our camp around the car with the boot door up and use this as our shield from the sun or the wind depending on the day.  That boot was used for everything from getting changed into your bathing costume/swimsuit and also for the picnic. Oh, those picnics were great.

north bull wall 2 The tide was always way out so you had to walk a long way to get any depth in the water. The flat surface of the beach was great for playing ball games as well.  Back then you could drive up and down the beach and there was always the ice cream van for a treat before you went home.  Once or twice you would see a car getting stuck in the sand but people came to help push it out.  The closeness of this beach to the city is taken for granted by most Dublin people.  Though as a kid going to the beach was a day trip, so you thought it was miles away.

north bull wallnorth bull wall 5Today having parked the car safely we walked along the wall to the Mariners statue.  It has been there for many years gazing back in over the bay.  The weather was quite fresh with a slight wind but nevertheless there were walkers of all ages out there.  We took a stroll along the beach down as far as the new causeway entrance.  The sun was shining and the air was fresh.  We had planned to go all the way to the Sutton end and back but as the clouds were getting grey we decided not to risk getting caught out in the open.  We headed back to the car and will walk the other half of the beach someday soon.

north bull wall 6

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