Beat those January Blues

HAPPY NEW YEAR READERS. January,  the month of new resolutions, new starts, new promises, new, new, new.  The 3rd  Monday in January is sometimes called BLUE MONDAY.  Banish those blues and look forward. Christmas has come and gone for another year.  All the partying is over.  It was a busy couple of weeks from the… Continue reading Beat those January Blues

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Carol-Ann McGuirk – Hairdresser to the Stars

DigiNanna is campaigning for Carol-Ann McGuirk.  Please take a moment to read about her.  Thank you. via Carol-Ann McGuirk - Hairdresser to the Stars

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Closing up at the end of the season

The end of the season in the sunny South East requires a lot of salt.  Salt and the end of a season I hear you say, she has lost her marbles.  No this is true, though I did get some funny looks asking in a number of shops why there were no drums of table salt… Continue reading Closing up at the end of the season


10 Foods to help slow memory loss



Your memory-boosting shopping basket

Whether it’s boosting your vitamin E levels or topping up your omega-3 fatty acid intake, the nutrients in these foods can help to keep you brain healthy

Oily fish

Tucking into a few portions of oily fish – think salmon, mackerel, fresh tuna or sardines – has been found to help boost levels of omega-3 fatty acids, in particular, ones called DHA and EPA. These are essential for maintaining nerve cells in the hippocampus – the brain’s key memory centre.

Did you know? When researchers measured the brain size in more than 1000 women, as part of the Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study in the US, they found that those who ate plenty of omega-3 fatty acids had larger brains than those who didn’t. A shrinking brain is linked to increased risk of dementia.

Blueberries & strawberries

They make a delicious snack, especially during summer, but…

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My Blue Space


Soon I shall be heading to my Blue Space. It is time to open up the holiday home for a new season.  My Blue Space is in the sunny south-east.  It is a little peace of heaven.  

A Blue Space is known for its good qualities for health and wellbeing.  Health and the visibility of water is known as “Blue Space”.  The sounds of waves alters wave patterns in the brain (according to a number of articles on recent studies) and make you happier and relaxed which in turn helps rejuvenate the mind and body.

Idyllic sandy beach and blue oceanThere are lots of benefits of having a Blue Space.  The sea air is charged with healthy negative ions (the science bit) so you sleep soundly as the ions accelerate the ability to absorb oxygen.  This is so true, I always sleep better when I have had a walk on the beach, especially if…

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Nollaig Shona Duit


I wrote this blog two years ago when I first started blogging.  I have edited it slightly and put in some pictures.  I hope you enjoy my story about traditions as Christmas.

ImageYes, it’s that time of year.  I love it.  Once December comes the radio starts playing all the old Christmas favorites.  Fairytale in New York, Driving home for Christmas.  Once I hear these songs, it’s official – Christmas has begun.  Just now as I am typing this piece, the tune ‘Walking in the air’ from the ‘Snowman’ has just come on the radio.  That song can send chills down your back.


Preparations are under way; the ingredients are bought for the pudding and the cake.  There is something nostalgic about mixing the pudding and before putting it into the bowls to steam, THE WISH.  Yes, I can still remember as a kid this tradition and the smell of…

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