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Technology and User Experience

I have just returned to the National College of Ireland to complete my  course in Digital Marketing.  This semester we are studying Technology and User Experience (UX) which is one of two modules (Social Media Marketing and PR is the other one). As part of our assignment for the first week, we had to look… Continue reading Technology and User Experience


User Experience – Digital Marketing

My first post in User Experience Class. Back in NCI this week for the second part of my Digital Marketing Course.  Tonight's class is on Technology and User Experience.  As part of the class we are asked to blog about challenge in class tonight. Design a remote control 4 sections 1 - foolproof controls -… Continue reading User Experience – Digital Marketing


My very own Website – DigiNanna

I am in the middle of a course on Digital Media with the National College of Ireland. As part of my course I have to build a website and monitor the traffic (Analytics). It has been great fun learning how to build a website from scratch. I decided on the topic of social media for… Continue reading My very own Website – DigiNanna