A mature students view of technology

15th October 2013

I can’t believe this but here I go.  Used to poo poo this when I heard about blogging, but as part of my Innovation and new business development course with DCU Ryan Academy in Citywest I am now one of these bloggers.  Feeling very overwhelmed the past two weeks in college with all the information overload.  This is the 3rd week and I seem to be settling down, I think.  I have learnt that I am a bit like my 3 kids (they will kill me for calling them kids as they are all well in their 20’s) and love all this media stuff, Facebook (which I have mastered for a while now as I use it to keep track of the 3 kids and also for keeping in contact with relatives and friends overseas), twitter is now my new best friend.  I am setting my profile on LinkedIn and so on.  Family and friends who know me will laugh at this as my lovely children gave me a smart phone for Christmas.  It took me weeks before I could get the hang of it.  I could not get used to the new technology of sliding your hand across the phone to answer and kept pushing my fingers at the buttons.  Very frustrating for a while,  I even rang the emergency line by accident once in the early days.  Having got numerous demonstrations from them I am much better at it but I think there may be more to learn.  Must read the book.  Talking about reading books, its been a long time since I have had to study.  This is tough but the help and assistance from the tutors is great. Must get off the computer now and have a little down time with the TV before I retire.  More to follow.

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