User Experience -Fuel Pump

This is part of my weekly blogs on User Experience for my college assignment.

Recently, on a trip to Wexford  we can across a self service petrol/diesel station. We had encountered many of these in France but not in Ireland.  I remember the first time we used one in France we got totally confused and ended up leaving without filling up on diesel.  The next time was better.  Perhaps, there are many of them around Ireland but this was the first one I  have used. 

At first glance it seemed like a normal fuel station, but looking closer there was no cashier only a forecourt.  Luckily enough you cannot use the pumps unless you use your credit card first as it is a cashless fuel station. You can also get your car washed by using your credit card at the pumps.  Very innovative.


All in all, it was easy to follow the instructions and it was quick and efficient.  The best part of this cashless service was not having to wait for the car in front of you to move as the driver was doing the weekly shop as well as paying for their petrol/diesel. It is 24 hours which is a bonus.  This is a great user experience in my view.



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