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Personas – User Experience

Technology and User Experience Homework.

Following on from a previous blog on User Testing/Observation we have been asked to look at the Persona in this situation. We worked in pairs, different from one from the previous exercise where booking a flight on a phone was tested and observed.

For this exercise our persona Charlie is created.  

Charlie is female, in her mid 20’s,  Irish, single with no children and she lives at home with her parents.  She goes to college and has a part-time job in the local chipper.

Charlie is a very sociable, bubbly character.  She uses Social Media on her phone all the time especially researching digital marketing trends for her college course.  She is very tech savvy. 


Charlie is only working part time and saving money so therefore she is looking for the cheapest options for travel.  She wishes to visit a former classmate who has moved to New York.  She browsers on the Swiss Airline App looking for deals whenever she can.

There are a number of steps involved in booking a flight and this was mapped out in approximately 10 steps.  This system is necessary when you are designing for a persona. Some steps link back and forth to each other.  All avenues have to be exlpored.

Personas are fictional, generalized characters that might use a site, brand, or product. They help you understand your customer better.  Even though a number of personas can be created for a product only one Persona should be  the primary focus for user-centered design. 



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