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Print Scan Copy

I met my mother for lunch last Wednesday in a nearby shopping center.  After we had a catch up with a lovely wrap and a coffee we set off to see what the shops had to offer.  It had been a while since I was out shopping and it was very pleasant.  There was a calm about the place, perhaps because it was midweek and early afternoon.  On our way back down through the mall I spotted the above in a corridor on the way to the toilets.  I just had to stop and take a photo and use it for my weekly blog on user experience.

User experience at its best. A lot of people do not have the money to invest in a printer, scanner, copier for themselves.  Perhaps, they only need to use one a few times a year, for CV’s, Boarding Passes, Tickets for flights/shows/concerts, and receipts for anything.  This is very innovative.  There are a lot of new technologies in public places to help the user have a good experience.


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