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Creating a Webpage

For our homework in Technology and User Experience class this week we have to do the following – 

You are to create a webpage for your three favourite desserts.
Each desert will have a:
● Heading
● Image
1. One of your images should link to an image on the internet.
2. Another should be saved in the same folder as your HTML file.
3. The third should be saved in a folder called img .

Well after a few attempts and a little advice from colleagues in class last night I have completed this homework.  I am very pleased.  It is very satisfying when you tweak here and there and see the results.  HTML is so cool…….  I sound like a geek know, but I am hooked.  

My html on notepad ++

And with a click of the mouse it turned into this

My Dessert Webpage

I have a lot more to learn on this subject and I am looking forward to the challenge.





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