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User Experience and Design



I found this article in the September issue of the free magazine that is left for the public to take in NCI college.  I thought that this was a great idea and design.  I have looked at the   website  and it makes great sense to have one of these.  It is an ideal solution for charging all types of mobile phones, designed specifically for the retail and hospitality industry.  Everyone should have one.  I am going to recommend it to my local hostelry. Phones are everything and a large percentage of customers need to charge their phone while they are out.  If they cannot charge their phone they may leave.  Normally they would be looking for somewhere down near a skirting board where there should be a socket to charge their phone.  Otherwise they may leave.


It is a great way to keep your customer satisfied.  Businesses do not want to be responsible for their customers phones while charging.  They may be behind the bar where there is no room for them, hanging off the wall so that staff may trip over them, be in the way of spillage or simply fall off a surface and the screen crack or indeed break.  Icharge units are safe and secure and everyone benefits, the customer gets their phone sorted with time for a coffee while waiting, the business get revenue from customers waiting to charge their phone and also attract new customers with this new service.  Very innovative. Great design and excellent user experience.


2 thoughts on “User Experience and Design”

  1. Thanks for sharing Caroline!

    This is a really smart idea and I know I would definitely use it, especially when travelling around. I used to hate having to ask bartenders and waitresses if I could charge my smartphone behind their bar and I always worried if the phone was safe and secure.

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