User Experience – The Washing Machine

Well, what can go wrong with a washing machine.  I have had a number in my lifetime and usually they have an odd glitch now and again.  Currently, this once just like to flash on and off and not click into the cycle.  One of my granddaughters loved to play with the buttons on anything she could reach when she started to walk and this was her favourite one. It has been about two years now, but my washing machine has never been the same.  The programme is all mixed up and sometimes it works straight away, other times it is so frustrating and annoying but in the end it gives up  and works.  Each time I get it right I try to remember the sequence I used for the next time.  I don’t !!!!

2 thoughts on “User Experience – The Washing Machine”

  1. Great article, Washing Machines are something that technology seems to have completely slowed, I have never had a machine that worked propperly and I don’t understand why no one has designed a small machine their huge.

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