User Experience – Daisy the Duster

I love this car.  We have it 3 years now.  When we got it first, I was very apprehensive about change and having to drive this monster as I thought of it. It was higher off the ground than I was used to, it was longer and wider also.  It took me about two weeks to get used to it and the different mechanisms that it had.  Now I drive it everywhere and it is very comfortable.  I don’t usually go on about cars normally, but I love showing off my duster.  It can pack in quite a load.  Recently there were five adults in it and all their luggage for a weekend away.  Two armchairs were also transported in Daisy Duster soon after it was purchased.  It is great for travelling long distances especially overseas. We were among other Dusters on a trip to France last year. This is a user experience I would recommend.

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