User Experience- Clock Radio

A clock radio, what can go wrong.  This has been on my  bedside locker for as long as I can remember.  It has been there in the early hours when you can’t sleep and watch every minute pass.  It has been reliable for wake up alarm calls for all those years of early rising for work, for early airport trips for sunny holidays, for those days when you need to get up before your body really wants to.  Recently, I woke in the middle of the night to the clock lit up at 00.00.  What time is this?  I was confused,  what day was it, was I dreaming, has there been a power cut, what is happening in the world.  At that hour during the night, your mind races.  After a few presses of buttons, it was sorted.  That is until a night or two later the same thing happened again.  After a week of sorting the clock during the night, my husband said ‘did you spill water on it by any chance’. Well, I could have as I always have a glass of water beside my  bed.  I recollect some months ago something like that happening.  So, we put it out in the sun to dry and hey presto its working again.  Sometimes, it’s the simple answer.


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