User Experience – Baby Monitor

Recently I was minding my grandson overnight while my daughter and her partner went out for dinner.  They have been using the baby monitor while he is asleep in his cot at their home for peace of mind.  They set up the ‘Angelcare’ system before they went out.  I had used a similar one before with my other grandchildren when they were small and thought nothing of it.  How wrong was I.  Firstly, it was off and I could not set it properly so that I could hear him breathing/moving.  Secondly, when I did get it functioning, he woke up and I went up to see to him only setting off the alarm when I picked him up.  I had forgotten that you need to press this and that before you take the baby from the cot.  Beep, beep, beep,  I was not in control.  When it works, it is brilliant.  When you mess up, it is annoying.  Thankfully, I can operate it expertly again until in another few years they bring out something more tricky.

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