My very own Website – DigiNanna

social media 1

I am in the middle of a course on Digital Media with the National College of Ireland. As part of my course I have to build a website and monitor the traffic (Analytics). It has been great fun learning how to build a website from scratch. I decided on the topic of social media for the website as I have a great interest in it.

I got the bug about five years ago when I first joined Facebook so that I could link up with friends and family and keep in touch with them in Ireland and all over the globe. I have numerous like-minded female friends who love to post stories and photos of all sorts of interesting topics and I hope to target this market.

I am now using Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Pinterest, Messenger, Google + and LinkedIn. I am certain that I shall be using many more by the end of this project.



Have a look and see what you think so far.

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