In Touch With Nature

Tymon Lane The sun was shining bright on this crisp February morning so I decided to take a walk in our local park as part of my keep fit and healthy regime started in the New Year.   When I awoke this morning all the rooftops were covered in a layer of icing sugar, or so it seemed.  The mountains in the distance seemed to glisten in the morning light with the frost and sun combined together.  It may be Spring on the Calendar but it is certainly still winter out there. So  I wrapped up well and braced myself for the icy weather outside. A hat, warm gloves and sunglasses were a must.  Sunglasses are always required nowadays because of the glare of the sun and the damage to your eyes from the ozone layer.  They also protect your eyes from the icy wind.  Thankfully there was no wind today.

I made my way to the park along by the playing fields and then I walked along the old country lane that they have incorporated into the park. I remember as a kid picking blackberries along this lane when I lived nearby. That was a few decades ago and it was all green fields and not many houses.  Today it really seemed like I was in the countryside again and not next to a motorway. It was very peaceful.  Every now and then a robin red breast,  a blackbird, a baby crow even a small rat  or two came out onto the pathway to see who was disturbing their piece of nature.   They would be still for a second then they would be gone back to their nest or wherever they had come from.  Someone had left a trail of seeds along part of the lane and the birds were happy to come out of hiding from the hedgerows to get some food. 

Most of the trees were bare and there was ice along the edges of the pathway but the smell of pine in the air was breathtaking.  The sun glistened and sneaked in and out between the bare branches of the trees so you could get a feel of the warmth that was there in the sun.  Everything seemed to be very clear and crisp in the sunlight.  I have been down this pathway many a time, but something today made me stop and  look at nature. I decided then that I would blog about it.

It made me think that we do not really have our eyes open or pay attention when we are out and about on a walk.  Next time you go for a walk, stop, look and notice nature.  ENJOY.

Tymon Lane 1

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