Clear away the cobwebs

There is nothing like a brisk walk on a Sunday afternoon to clear away the cobwebs and get ready for the week ahead. 

Today, myself and my husband took a short drive to Dun Laoghaire for ‘our fix’ as I call it.  We have been going there for years, mostly on a Sunday afternoon for a nice stroll along the pier.  We frequent this spot a lot more often in the winter months, as a four-hour round trip to Rosslare Strand in Co. Wexford for a walk on the beach is out of the question.  

All wrapped up, nice and snug, and off we set, having got a parking space (thanks to the parking angels).  It is amazing how many people are out and about and its only lunchtime.   We usually walk down the pier by the upper level and come back by the lower level.  No matter which way we approach it, that is the way we go.  It would seem odd to do it in reverse.

All sorts of activities are happening in the harbour.  Today there were about 60 dingy/boats in the water.   The sea was calm so most of the activity was within the harbour today  as kids and adults were bobbing about in their boats. All along the pier families and couples  were strolling with buggies, dogs, scooters, roller blades etc.  Some people were power walking, but most were just out for a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll.    As you walk pass people on their way back down the pier, because they have done the reverse route to you, or may only have stayed on the upper level, you catch snippets of conversations.    ‘Did you see what he did when she ….’ ,  ‘Where did you go after ……’,  ‘I only asked if he was…..’,  We have great fun finishing off the sentence and building our own story.  The best one we heard today was a guy walking towards us saying to his female companion ‘I have an office, but I usually sit at the kitchen table in my boxers’.  I had that vision in my head for a while, unfortunately, so had my husband.  Then we met a young couple who were drinking takeaway coffee with a young child who was eating an ice cream, but they also had a dog on a lead.  The dog jumped up on the kid, knocked the ice cream to the ground, the father  bent down to catch the ice cream and on the way up knocked the coffee out of the mother’s hand.  Nobody got hurt and they were laughing about it as we met.  Even though all this is happening around you, you can still zone out and enjoy the peace and tranquillity that is present on this pier walk.

When you get to the end of the pier, you automatically go to the edge and stare out over Dublin Bay.  If it is a windy day, the cobwebs get well and truly blown away here.  After a while, we go down to the lower level and walk back along the pier with our view towards the town.  No matter how many times you do this, the skyline is always changing.  There is a lot of rejuvenation going on at the moment.  

Our next stop after the pier is the market in the ‘People’s Park’.   We have a stroll around taking in all the stalls and fantastic and diverse aromas of the food stalls.  This is a great way to try all different types of cuisine.  Our favourite is the ‘Hog Roast’.  This is a dish combined of baby potatoes, pulled pork, red cabbage, onions, stuffing and gravy.  The chef will also throw in some crackling and today he added baked beans.  You can have different portions, peckish, hungry,  starving, famished and ravage.  We shared a ravage  portion today and a bottle of water to wash it down.  Over to a bread stall for some cakes to bring home  to have with a cuppa later on.  Here the marketing ploy of the aroma of warm bread got to me and I bought some cheese and onion twists as well.  Mmmmmm.   Delicious, now for desert.  A Teddy’s ice cream cone. There is a great tradition with Teddy’s and Dun Laoghaire.  I never succumb to getting one as there is always a lengthy queue at the window, longer in summertime naturally, but nonetheless people still buy ice cream cones in winter.  But today my luck was in.  There was no queue, so I got one.  It was a nice way to end the walk.  Maybe next time we should eat first, then walk it off afterwards.

Back to the car, cobwebs well and truly gone.  Home now  to get organised for an exciting week ahead in the Ryan Academy.

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